Knurled Drill Bushings

bet36Knurled Drill Bushings

Knurled drill bushings are designed for soft materials or cast-in applications. The Boneham range of knurled drill bushings are manufactured with either diamond or straight knurling.

Serrata Press Fit Drill Bushing

Serrata Press Fit Drill Bushings are similar to the traditional P Type Bushing. The differentiating feature is the half and half finish on the OD. Half the bushing diameter is ground, the other half knurled. This combination on one press fit drill bushing allows for accurate location in soft materials and strong resistances to rotational forces.

Cast-in Diamond Grooved Bushings

Diamond Groove Bushings are designed for use in castable materials such as composites. The grooves allow for resin to run around the bushing, locking it in place. The diamond knurling allows for a strong bond to be formed between the bushing and the composite. Diamond Groove Bushings offer increased axial and rotational resistance.

Key Features

  • SP Type Drill Bushings
  • DG Type Drill Bushings
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