Bullet Nose Dowel Pin

Bullet Nose Dowels

Key Features

  • Precision Ground Locating System
  • Case Hardened
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • Concentric to 0.0005" TIR
  • -0.0003 Body Tolerance

bet36When Ordering: Identify the diameter required and identify the part number from the technical data tab. Example: BND2499

Bullet Nose Dowels

Bullet Nose Dowels (BND) are used in combination with a Bullet Nose Liner (BNL) to create an accurate locating system. The Bullet Nose Dowel is simply located in the corresponding liner thanks to its ‘bullet nose’ profile. The pins head and body diameters are ground concentric to within 0.0005” TIR. Two work pieces in a jig can be accurately located using both the Bullet Nose Dowel and the mating Bullet Nose Liner.

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