Pull Dowel Extractor Tool

Key Features

  • UNC, UNF, BSW and BSF
  • 4-40 to 5/16"-18
  • Metric M3 - M10
  • Slide Hammer Style

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS When ordering the tool state: DPE When ordering metric heads state: DPE and then the metric size. Example: DPE3MM When ordering INCH heads state: DPE, size and standard. Example: DPE3/8BSF

Pull Dowel Extractor Tool

bet36Boneham Metal Products Inc. supply the Boneham Pull Dowel Extractor Tool from stock. Using different sized extractor heads, the pull dowel extractor tool has a slide hammer design for pulling out Boneham pull dowels from their press fit location.


The Boneham Extractor Tool is designed for use with pull dowel pins in metric and inch. The tool uses a slide hammer method making it extremely easy to use. Knurled parts allow for easy grip in oily conditions.


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